About the Economic Sector Coordination Meeting (ESCOM)

The Economic Sector Coordination Meeting (ESCOM) constitutes a key element in Somaliland’s National Development Plan (NDP) framework 1. ESCOM is primarily a component of Government’s Aid Coordination mechanism. There are 9 sectors under this process including: Economic, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Health, Education, Water, Production, Governance and Environment. Membership of each sector coordination forum includes: Government, PS, NGOs and Development partners.The 8 sectors constitute Level 1 of the aid coordination process. Each sector was expected to hold bi monthly coordination meetings chaired by a government ministry or institution and co-chaired by a UN agency. At Level 2 is the inter-sectoral coordination meetingwhich takes place on a quarterly basis. This meeting constitutes all chairs and co-chairs of the 8 sectors mentioned above. Level 3 is the high level National Coordination Committee which meets Bi-annually.
The purpose of the Economic Sector Coordination Meeting (ESCOM) is to:develop sector monitoring and coordination mechanisms, oversee implementation of agreed policy interventions, provide policy guidelines and act as a forum for networking and information sharing.The Economic Sector Coordination Meeting (ESCOM) brings together different economic sector stakeholders to enable information sharing and networking on issues that impact the economic sector in particular and Somaliland’s economy in general.
Somaliland is designing a new National Development Plan (NDP) and it is expected that ESCOM, alongside all coordination mechanism under the previous NDP, will be reviewed. In the meantime, ESCOM meetings will be held on a quarterly basis to enable better follow up on meeting resolutions and enhance the overall quality of ESCOM.

ESCOM Reports

Download Report of the 9th Economic Sector Coordination Meeting (ESCOM)