On 7th, feb 2018, the Somaliland Minister of Trade Industries and Tourism HE Mohamoud Hassan Sacad alias Saajin  has officially handed over the One Stop Shop (OSS) source code to WYG Consultancy , two days after receiving it from The World Bank Group which assisted Somaliland Government on creating the One Stop Shop Project (OSS).

The meeting sow the attendance of high profile individuals include The Director General of Ministry of Trade Industries and Tourism Mr. Abdirashid Ahmed Guleid , Director of Trade department  Mr. Adam Elmi Ahmed , Director of Planning department of Ministry of Trade Mr. Mohamed Mohamoud Awale , Director Communications Department of Ministry of Trade Mr. Barkhad A. Hassan , officials of SCORE project- PIU World bank Group such as SCORE project-PIU coordinator Mr. Saed Mohamed Jama , SCORE Project- PIU Procurement Specialist. Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed , SCORE Project- PIU Finance specialist Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Nur ,  Mustafe M Dahir-MoTI-(Legal Consultant of MoTI&T) Abdirahman Aideed –WYG Team Leader (SCORE Project of Improving Business Environment with MoTI); and  Head of Danida program coordinator in Somaliland  Mss. Anne Elisabeth Kobaek.

The Minister of Trade, Industries and Tourism HE Mohamoud Hassan Sacad (Sajin)  expressed Thank to World Bank Group officials , DANIDA coordinator in Somaliland  and WYG team  for supporting the Ministry on aspects of streamlining the improvement business environment . The Minister continued to  welcome this new step of officially handing over the source code  to the IT consult of WYG team  and urged the team to quickly start the technical operation of finalizing the OSS  and find out solutions for the  number of challenges  faced by the OSS.

The Minister raises further the importance of improving the capacity of the staff that is expected to work on the project. He also ensured his commitment to fill the gap in order to achieve a good result.

Other key speakers include the DG , Director of Trade and planning  and SCORE project-PIU coordinator,   emphasized  on providing  all the coordination mechanisms required for the start of the OSS , where they have   shown up the an excitement  for the new phase of the project.

Head of Danida program coordinator in Somaliland Mss. Anne Elisabeth Kobaek has on her part assured to meet most of their commitment, when it comes to the operationalization of the OSS and wished  in the  coming  short-term to finalize the project .  On May , 2018  will be  a land mark for Somaliland as it is the date assigned for the launch of the OSS.

The main objectives of the One Stop Shop implementation are to:

  • Protect business names and brands for the right owners.
  • Improve formal registration and licensing of businesses.
  • Reduce disputes between businesses over names and brands.
  • Increase business registration from the regions.
  • Improve Doing Business rankings (indicators) of the country.
  • Ease of business registration
  • Improve data collection for planning purposes.
  • Promote accountability and transparency.
  • Improve government’s revenue and fee collections.
  • Help enforce the government’s administrative act.
  • Help diaspora and foreign investors to register their businesses.



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