About Somaliland Ministry of Trade and Investment

The Ministry of Trade & Investment is responsible for the promotion of job creation and economic growth by empowering the Somaliland businesses and entrepreneurs with highly targeted Micro-loan programs, Somaliland Business Fund and United States Agency of International Development programs. These will stimulate the private sector to increase the productivity, create new jobs and increase the tax base. The Ministry works in partnership with business owners, communities, Regional Governments, Local Governments, National Bank, private lenders and the Chamber of Commerce.

The Ministry is also responsible for the formulation and implementation of the Government progressive policies on matters pertaining to trade, investment and protection of the interest of consumers, in such a way that it will contribute positively towards the further development of the Somaliland economy and the well-being of the population of the country.

Somaliland is signaling to all potential investors that it is “open for business,” having progressed from a post-conflict situation to a state of political stability and sustainable economic development.

A Message from the Minister