The Government of Somaliland is proud to launch its first Investment Guide. The creation of this document and web portal is a signal to local, diaspora and foreign investors that Somaliland is “open for business.” It also marks a milestone in our progress from post-conflict stability and recovery to sustainable economic growth and development.

The Guide outlines the process of investing in Somaliland, and provides data and profiling information of investment opportunities in many of Somaliland’s productive sectors such as livestock, agriculture, energy and fisheries. My government is ready to attract investment which is necessary to give the reconstruction and economic recovery the necessary leverage by creating economic opportunities and generating employment with the aim of contributing towards sustainable development and economic growth. In doing so, my government is committed to creating a business enabling environment that encourages innovation and fosters local and international linkages to expand market opportunities, while protecting investor assets. I congratulate the Ministry of Trade and Investment and the many other Ministries, institutions and researchers involved with producing this valuable Guide, with the support of USAID.

Muse Bihi Abdi

President of Somaliland