The total population of Somaliland is estimated at 3.5 million. The majority of the population live in the rural areas as pastoralists/nomads (50%), while about 35% live in urban cities or centres. 

The remaining 15% live outside the country, mainly in Europe and North America, where since early 1980′s large groups of nationals from Somaliland have sought asylum. There are also a sizeable number of Somalilanders who live in the oil rich Gulf Countries, as migrant workers.

The Diaspora from Somaliland send it valuable remittances which helps the local population survive and ensure trade and investment in Somaliland. The annual population growth rate is estimated at 3.14% and life expectancy at birth is between 49 and 55 years. The population density in Somaliland is estimated at 22 persons per square kilometer. Somaliland is considered to have a relatively young population, as more than 68% of the population are below 30 years of age.